Arts Pods
for Fall 2020
in Cincinnati, Ohio

A compromise between exposure to an entire school and being home alone

Our program allows your child to socially interact with their pod-mates, and get outside of the house, while exercising their physicality, creativity, and intrapersonal skills.

Dance and Creative Movement

As our arts center’s specialty, dance and other movement-based art forms will be highlighted and celebrated. Students will be introduced to various forms including Modern Dance, Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Creative Movement and Improvisation, and world dance forms.

Arts, Crafts, and Creative Making

Students will be led through projects that make their creativity tangible: crafts, creative re-purpose, found object art, art techniques, tactile exploration, creative design projects, and other activities that involve making.

Supervised time for school work

Students will have sit-down, dedicated quiet time for their school work, supervised by our college-educated staff. Students must bring their own devices. We will provide internet access and a printer.

Aug 24 - Dec 18, 9a-4p

17 weeks.
Full semester commitment required.
No meetings on: 9/7, 11/2-3, 11/11, and 11/25-27.

(We will consider going past 4p, but it's going to require some special arrangements. Let us know if you absolutely need this.)

Grades 2-5

Isolated Pods

Maximum 9 children to 1 instructor. They will remain on completely separate floors of our 6000 SF building and/or in different events tents on our 1.2 acres. Children will not mix spaces, bathrooms, or entrances.

Staff Qualifications

All staff members pass rigorous background checks, interviews, and policy training. Each has a college degree (or two!), is highly trained in the arts, and has experience working with children. Teachers are supervised closely by our full-time Director and Education Coordinator.

Outdoors for the first month or two

PLEASE NOTE: we expect to spend the entire day (as much as possible) outdoors during the first month or two. We will have event tents and each pod will be isolated. For this reason, this program may not be the best option for those who are sensitive to the outdoors.

Temperature Checks & Other Screening

Upon drop-off, temperature will be taken. Parents and child will also answer questionnaire. By enrolling, families agree to leave the premises if they answer yes to having any symptoms (including fatigue, body aches, headache), had any contact with someone who had symptoms, or been told by a health official to isolate or self-monitor.

Shut Down

In-person activities will be shut-down for 2 weeks upon a confirmed case of COVID-19 having been in the building or program. During this time, only 50% of tuition will continue to be charged to hold the child's place, while dance and arts activities are offered online, with craft materials available for you to pick-up.

Masks required

All participants must wear a mask and have a back-up mask in their bag. Staff will also wear masks.

6' Distancing

We will enforce 6' distancing at all times. However, if your child needs assistance with their device or work, we will have to get closer. We will utilize the outdoors as much as possible.


Floors, vents, high-touch areas (light switches, door handles, faucets, toilets) will be sanitized daily.


Parents should send lunch, 3 daily snacks, and a reusable water bottle with their child.

Full-time: $225/week

Monday-Friday. Fee is due weekly, regardless of holidays.

+$30 one-time registration fee.

Blended: $160/week

Every other M and T/W, or every other M and Th/F. Fee is due weekly, regardless of holidays.

+$30 one-time registration fee.


How Registration Will Work

We will require at least 7 children to register for a pod to run. Full refunds will be issued, otherwise.

Thus, we ask parents to register as soon as possible.

The 10th and 11th persons to register will be placed on a waitlist, as we need 12 students minimum (total) to run a second pod.

We can take 18 children maximum.

There is a $30 annual registration fee that covers all of our arts center programs.

When you register, you will be charged within the day for the first week. Once the program starts, your card will be charged on Fridays for the next week.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at or 513.494.6526.

Is this a good fit
for your child?

Our Fall Arts Pods will work best for children who:

  • are interested in dance,
  • are interested in art/crafts,
  • are able to work fairly independently on their devices,
  • are good at following directions,
  • can be spatially-aware enough to follow the distancing guidelines,
  • can wear a mask for the day,
  • is respectful of teachers and peers, and
  • is not allergic to grass and can be outside for the whole or majority of the day on good weather to slightly warm days.

Mutual Dance Theatre and Arts Center

8222 Monon Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45216

On the corner of Monon and Parkway