Summer Outdoor & Distanced Classes

July 13 to September 5, 2020
Outdoors & Distanced
Toddlers • Kids • Teens • Adults
Modern • Creative Movement • Ballet • Hip Hop

Summer Schedule by Date and Time

For viewing ease, the full schedule is presented here by day and time.

Once you know which classes you’d like to register for, write them down.


  • -

    Ballet & Creative Movement for Toddlers

  • -

    Ballet & Creative Movement for Kids

  • -

    Ballet for Adults, Level 2


  • -

    Tap for K-1st Grade

  • -

    Tap for 2nd-5th Grade

  • -

    Tap for 6th-12th Grade

  • -

    Tap for Adults


  • -

    Ballet for Youth, Level 1

  • -

    Ballet for Youth, Level 2

  • -

    Ballet for Youth, Level 3

  • -

    Ballet for Adults, Level 1


  • -

    Modern for Tweens & Teens (Int/Adv)

  • -

    Modern for Kids

  • -

    Hip Hop for Tweens through Adult

  • -

    Modern for Adults

  • -

    Hip Hop for Kids


  • -

    Modern for Adults

  • -

    Ballet & Creative Movement for Toddlers

Have you chosen the right genre and level?

 Course Genre Descriptions 

 Level Descriptions 

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You will be able to add more classes: just start with one of your choices for now!

(Tai Chi is for any age, but caregivers required for toddlers and under!)


If you do not have a mask, we have reusable cloth ones available for purchase for $5.


  • We will a designated parking area for all parents and dancer drivers
  • Dedicated parking spots will be clearly marked for you
  • If you choose to stay while your dancer is in class, we ask that you remain in your car or in a non-class area
  • Please follow social distancing


  • We will have spots marked that are at least 6ft apart
  • We ask that all dancers bring their own water bottle
  • We ask that all dancers are prepared with sunscreen
  • We ask that all dancers are prepared with bug spray – just in case!
  • We do have restrooms located inside, but please try to use the restroom before class (restrooms will be sanitized between each use)
  • All dancers, except for tappers, should wear sneakers suitable for dancing on outside concrete. Dancers enrolled in a tap class should wear tap shoes and we will have wooden tap boards prepared.


  • We will never cancel class due to weather: if weather or grounds are inclement, we will have class through zoom!
  • If poor weather conditions are in the forecast, we will notify you throughout the day via text messages about the possible transition to a virtual class day.
  • Zoom links will be sent out 1 hour prior to regularly scheduled class times. A download of the app is required, but free.


  • If you register and we do not make the class minimum to run, you will receive a full refund or the option to change to a different class.
  • Otherwise, $25 of tuition per dancer is non-refundable for all reasons including injury, or change of plans, etc.

Mutual Dance and Arts Center
8222 Monon Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Corner of Parkway & Monon

8222 Monon Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45216

Looking for more?

ALT Summer Camp

socially-distanced camp: a box of week’s worth of activities, plus daily in-person or virtual dance lessons

Private Lessons

in person or virtually

Individual Studio Rental

Need time to work in the studio on your own? Rent a studio at an affordable rate. Internet access for virtual lessons.

Fall Classes

Starting September 8! Placement auditions for our new advanced training program on August 23.

*make up audition is August 29*