Recreational dance classes for kids in Clifton

 No auditions
Placed by grade
End-of-the-year recital with other program locations
Connected to Fairview Clifton and CANS

Clifton Cultural Arts Center Satellite at Every Nation Church

Corner of Clifton Ave and Woolper, across the street from Fairview Clifton German Language School and Clifton Area Neighborhood School


3722 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


  • Walk-over service from CANS and Fairview Clifton German School
  • Classes for PreK-4th Grade. Looking for older age groups? Check out our Hartwell Location!
  • Classes are grouped by grade for the 22-23 school year
  • No audition required: just sign up!
  • Can take as few or as many classes as you’d like!

  • Abilities may be mixed within a class
  • Classes need 4-5 students for it to run
  • 10% discount applied to total monthly tuition when you sign up more than 1 child/class
  • Financial aid is available
  • Additional (not included in tuition) costs include: recital tickets and optional memorabilia purchases

Our classes in Clifton will start on

September 6, 2022


Final class date is

May 12, 2023

September 5, 2022 - No school, no dance

September 26, 2022 - No school, no dance

November 8, 2022 - No school, no dance

November 11, 2022 - No school, no dance

November 20 - 27, 2022 - Fall Break

December 18, 2022 - January 1, 2023 - Winter Break

January 2, 2023 - No school, no dance

January 16, 2023 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 27, 2023 - No school, no dance

February 13, 2023 - No school, no dance

March 13, 2023 - No school, no dance

March 26 - April 2, 2023 - Spring Break

September 6, 2022 - Classes Start!

December 12 - 17, 2022 - Parent Watch Week

January 31, 2023 - Last day to register for any class

April-May, 2023 ALL CLASSES MANDATORY to prep for recital

MAY 13, 2023 - Mutual Arts Dance Recital: Road Trip



(Make sure to scroll inside the boxes to see all options)

PLEASE NOTE: The tuition listed below is paid MONTHLY for 9 months. (The full year is averaged per month.) A $30 non-refundable annual registration fee is due at the time of signing-up. Your first month's tuition will come out in September and continue automatically each month.


If finances are the reason you are not signing up for classes, please reach out to us! We have financial aid available.


If a class is full, please join the waiting list! If we have 5 students on a list we can start creating another class or adding additional teachers to make class happen for you!

(Please make sure to scroll inside the box below to see all the options)

Looking for new dancewear and/or dance shoes? We highly recommend our friends at Northern Kentucky Dancwear!


What classes should you sign-up for?

These descriptions apply only to our regular-term classes that occur from fall through spring.
For summer programming, please see those individual pages.

Types of Classes

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Age, Grade, or Level 23-24

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Have questions? Contact us at or 513.494.6526.

Looking for more? 

We have many other class options for more age groups (toddler – adult) at our new arts center!